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BMG Parts Co., Inc.
Carson City, Nevada
Phone: 775-671-7500
FAX: 775/345-3220

BMG Parts Co.
We can provide you with "original" US GI Accessories for your Semi-Auto Browning M2, M1919 and BAR.

Browning Semi-Auto's
There are many licensed manufacturers providing semi-auto Browning military style firearms to the public. We do not sell firearms, but can provide you with original parts and accessories for all Browning models.

IMPORTANT: All NFA rules apply, as well as State and Local laws. Take the time to research and understand your Federal, State and Local regulations. A BATFE "Letter of Approval" will save you time and money, should there be a question of the design of your semi-auto. You should ask for one!

(Call or for details!)
Browning M2 .50 caliber.
Browning M2 and M3 .50 caliber Semi-Auto.
Call or email us for details!
For information call us at 775/671-7500
Browning M1919 .30 caliber.
M1919A4 .30 caliber Semi-Auto.
Call or email us for details!
For information call us at 775/671-7500

Disclaimer: BMG Parts Co., Inc. Does not assume any responsibility for third party manufacturers, home built firearms or the use or misuse of any products offered on our website. The manufacturer's technical manual should always be reviewed and all safety recommendations must be followed. Assembly and repairs should be done by a qualified and trained person. All BATFE Rules Apply.
Your One-Stop Shop for all of your Browning Machine Gun and Browning Semi-Auto Needs!
BMG Parts Co., Inc. Carson City, Nevada (775)671-7500

Ordering Instructions:

Call or for details.

See the Terms & Conditions page for further information.

BMG Parts Co., Inc. is not a firearms dealer, and specializes only in
Original US GI Accessories for Browning Machine Guns and Semi-Autos.

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"Specializing in original Browning machine gun accessories"